Visiting the University of Southern California – USC

I was lucky enough to get invited to a premiere showing of Hardcore Henry at the University of Southern California.

The movie was outrageous: full of violence, excessively gory, and surprisingly hilarious.  I would argue that once you get used to the frantic “shaky cam” that is first person POV this movie is quite exhilarating.

But my visit was so much more than just a movie watching experience.  I was invited to tour the facilities, specifically in animation. I got to try on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for the first time.



Oh if you could have seen what I saw…. a USC student literally let me step into a game he was designing. It was a very cool immersive environment.





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Which Modern Editing Software Is Best?

If you have edited for any length of time at all, you know that this is a TRICK QUESTION!

Each non-linear editing system has its own merits. FIlm, Video, and New Media editors love the systems they use and hate the ones they don’t. Call it familiarity, call it worshipping sacred cows, or call it good marketing.

I, like many professional editors out there, belong to the forlorn group of “Editors-That-Apple-Forgot”, or maybe better put “Editors-that-Apple-Abandoned”. Yep I was a huge fan of Final Cut 7.

However, there were reasons Apple moved to FCP X and I can think of no one more qualified to explain it to us than Sir Walter Murch himself, editor of Cold Mountain, Apocalypse Now, the Piano, Jar Head, and many others. Here’s a somewhat recent interview where he discusses editing trends of Avid Media Composer, Final Cut 7 and 10, and Adobe Premiere.

There will continue to be countless opinion pieces on: Avid vs FCP vs Premiere.

There is no one right answer. However I will say that I continue to see intriguing articles like this ONE that are making Premiere certainly appear to be the winning horse.


4K Is Now The Only Way!

Hi guys,

I love getting my hands on new equipment and learning new filmmaking techniques. As of this moment I vow to never shoot standard HD (1920 X 1080) again if possible. Why?

Filming 4K is the closest thing to future proofing your video that exists right now. – Ryun Hovind

Anyone filming HD now will have to face interrogators in 1-2 years who wil ask them “How old is this video?” Its like how you feel about seeing old 4:3 aspect ratio TV stuff now. The technology is here people, so film 4K.  Like today. It’s time to switch. I don’t mean to get all technical on you, but… for realsies do it now!

Here is a new 4K comedy project I recently finished entitled “GEM Sisters – Originals”. As always I stick to the comedy genre and my philosophy was “Heck maybe people will laugh more with higher quality. You be the judge:

4K Tip:

The cheapest 4K camera available right now is the Panasonic Lumix GH4. Spend $2000 for 4000 pixels.

New Avid Media Composer Class

Hello again!

You may not know this, but I got my official certification as an Avid Trainer this past summer.

Ryun Hovind Avid Certified User Media Composer


This not only qualified me to put my big boy editor pants on, but it also means GCC has special treatment from Avid as an ALP or Avid learning Partner.  So now…





MEDIA 112: MOTION PICTURE EDITING is now being offered by yours truly and is being taught with Avid Media Composer. Ever been curious about working with the industry leading software? Why not give it a shot?


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.13.28 PM

We are including the textbooks at no additional charge so the price is  right. Plus I’ll bring my professional experience of working with Avid MC and Nitris at the American Film Institute awhile back. (lots of fun stories you won’t want to miss).

Check Out New GCC Student Life Video

Hey everyone. I’m excited to share with you the latest video I made for Glendale College using our new Digital Arts Studio. It turned out amazing! I was so impressed with how many ways students can get involved at GCC. I’m thinking we should try to get a media arts class into the Baja Studies program Who’s with me?

Green Screen Tip:

When using a green screen be sure to use the After Effects key light effect for the cleanest key removal.


Join The GCC Film Collective (You Know It’s Fun Because I’m The Advisor)

If Film_Collectiveyou are a filmmaker looking to hang out with other film enthusiasts then why not consider joining our film club? Meetings are held every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 in the film studio SG 328.

The group works together to create projects from start to finish. Bring your skills to the group and get hands on training to help you build your reel.


Julio Espino (right)

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FILM FESTIVAL Throwback Post

Hi guys,

I was sorting through some old hard drives and found a couple things I wrote up for DV and AFI FEST magazines. I thought you might want to see what I did before GCC. I’ve really enjoyed my adventures here in LA and can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.

Thanks for reading!

DV Magazine Article

Read about my work at Los Angeles Film Festival here or watch my work at AFI FEST here.

Ryun Hovind & John Chappelle

Ryun Hovind (right) with Jon Chappelle (left)


New Whiteboard Video – Degree Options

This year I’ve seen an explosion in the trend of whiteboard videos in both commercials and industrial videos (not to mention YouTube draw my life videos). I’ve done several whiteboard videos myself and here’s my latest one for Glendale College.

Whiteboard Video Tip:

Have your script locked before you start so you can marry the music to the narration. Whiteboard videos are all about timing and it’s harder to go back and change things later.


Mentoring MEDIA 104 students


I wanted to share with you guys some of the cool stuff some of my advanced MEDIA 104: VIDEO PRODUCTION PRACTICUM students are doing. Here are two specific students doing some really cool stuff.

  1. William Wayne.  This guy starred, produced, and is now editing his feature film “Lost Angelas.” He is taking MEDIA 104 to shoot some pickups scenes and finish post production on this mystery thriller. Check it out!


AL Ribisi (Right) MEDIA 104 Student

2. AL Ribisi. Another student with high hopes of filming his first feature film, Al recently won best short comedy film for “Chainsaw Man” in our Glendale Student Film Festival 2015. Here’s a photo of Al (Right) with his many awards for the night.